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Who said teenagers can’t be frugal?

While most of his peers forced their parents to cough up money for a fancy limo ride to prom, Michael Smith Jr. decided to hitch a ride on a tractor instead.

"I've farmed all my life and I've always been on one, and nobody's ever come to the prom in a tractor. It seemed like the right thing to do,” Smith, an Arkansas native, told the Associated Press.

Smith made the decision very shortly before prom night. So how did his prom date take it? Apparently, well enough, but she did have to be hoisted onto the tractor.

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In the future, I think Smith should double date with the girl who created a prom dress out of gum wrappers. They could be the poster children for cost-conscious high school students… while they sit alienated in the corner of wherever it is they hang out. John Hughes could have made a great movie about this.

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