The 21st century introduced the world to iPods (Stock Quote: AAPL), Nintendo Wiis and other technological advancements we don’t want to live without.

The portability of many devices has made traveling with your new gadgets easier, but not always practical. (And airport fees for luggage are only increasing.) Frequent upgrades and new models can also frustrate folks on a budget. Just try to coordinate an entire wedding party's digital cameras, odds are every bridesmaid has a different one.

The good news? For the business traveler or globetrotter—and especially for the commitment-phobic folks who cannot bear to pay big for upgrades—there’s gadgets a plenty available to rent.

MainStreet scoured the Internet to find out where renters can look, and how much renting can cost. Here’s what we discovered:

Digital Cameras

If you’re looking for a group rental, YouShoot offers digital cameras for $19.95 per camera. This service is ideal for weddings and company tours. Yes, renting digitals costs a little more than disposable cameras, but users are rewarded with a lot more shots due to space capabilities using digital cameras. The company even offers additional services such as image uploads and photo CDs.

Laptops and Video Game Consoles
With more than 3,000 locations, Rent-a-Center (Stock Quote: RCII) offers a “worry free guarantee” (meaning you won't have to worry about, among other things, overpaying versus local rental company prices, Rent-a-Center will match the price) for consumers interested in immediate access to the company’s inventory of electronics, which includes laptops, Nintendo Wii, Sony Playstation III or Microsoft Xbox (Stock Quote: MSFT). WHAT

Robot Suit

Cyberdyne created a robot suit called HAL (Hybrid Assistive Limb) that increases physical capabilities and will cost around $2,220 a month for limbs that read brain waves.

Rent a Ripper
Primera Technology rents a program and device that will turn your CDs into mp3 files. For $299 per week, the device will digitize your compact disc collection, saving you time and space in your home!


In cities such as Philadelphia, this two wheel transporter is available for rent.

Cell Phones
Cell phones and blackberries are for rent at RentCell that includes U.S. plans that begin at $0.30 minute, and international plans that start at $12 a day.

Getting around your neighborhood might be easy, then again, better to have a GPS and not need it, then to need it and not have it. And if you’re hitting the road for another city ( makes getting around a little less complicated for as low as $6.95 a day.