Today’s “Morning Deals” on Consumerist had a nice find:  The Men’s Wearhouse “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” program, launched right after Thanksgiving, has been carried through this year due to its apparent popularity, and we can see why. Initially applying to designer suits, the deal now works slacks, sport coats and shoes as well.

While every Men’s Wearhouse inventory will be slightly different (Stock Quote: MW), the company reports that the deal applies to specially marked suits in the $600 range from designers such as Calvin Klein, Joseph Abboud, Kenneth Cole, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren (Stock Quote: RL) and Sean John.

Online purchases totaling more than $100 get free shipping, in case you aren’t situated close to one of their more than 500 store locations nationwide. So whether you’re outfitting for your buddy's wedding this summer, preparing for an onslaught of aforementioned job interviews or simply looking for a Father’s Day gift that you might benefit from as well, there are savings to be had.

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