NEW YORK (MainStreet) — With the Super Bowl right around the corner, hosting a party for the big game can get expensive fast. Decorations, cleaning, food, soda and adult beverages can create a long list for you quicker than you expect.

Follow these tips and experience super savings for the Super Bowl:

Anything and Everything Football

Many times the Super Bowl host tries to go out of his way to find decorations associated the specific teams, which can be costly. Instead, look for anything football related, since most guests are casual fans that probably do not know much about the NFL anyways. Dollar stores and thrift stores have a lot of cheap decorations that can be used.

Super Savings: Look for non-game-related football items like office supplies and old football trading cards to add to the experience.

A Year Late

Right after the Super Bowl look for items from the losing team on sale, either in a local store or online. Visit websites from the losing team's hometown and official team site.

Super Savings: If you find really good bargains, or a lot of non-sports related Super Bowl items, use the occasion to buy birthday gifts for relatives who are football fans.

Food Fun

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For most people, the Super Bowl is about one thing – food. Instead of decorating with football, decorate with food and pop-culture items from the cities that are playing in the game.

Last year's matchup between the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens would have produced a great menu, including Rice-A-Roni (San Francisco) and crab (Baltimore). This year think about some local delicacies from Denver and Seattle: both Colorado and Washington state, of course, have legalized marijuana.

Super Savings: Do your research and find random appetizers that can be made for cheap.

Potluck Party

Create a special kind of Super Bowl potluck party. In addition to having guests bring food, open it up to other necessary items to which they may have a discount. This works great with friends who work in the service industry, marketing or certain manufacturing jobs.

Super Savings: Another opportunity to incorporate the cities playing (or hosting). This year's Super Bowl is being played in the New York City metropolitan area for the first time. Potluck request could include bagels, pizza, and cheesecake.

The REAL Super Bowl Shuffle

No interest in hosting your Super Bowl party this year? Not interested in whose playing the game? Break the mold and DON'T watch the game. That's right, DON'T watch.

Instead, take the time to run errands and make appointments at places that are usually busy 99% of the time. With the Super Bowl always occurring around the first of the month, a grocery store run during the middle of the game is more like visiting an echo chamber. Can't stand to see your rival team in the big game? Take your indifference and use it as an opportunity to spend time with a spouse or partner to ear some early Valentine's Day points...

--Written for MainStreet by Rodric J. Hurdle-Bradford, a freelance writer based out of Scottsdale, Ariz. He covers casino gaming, personal finance and real estate topics for several publications. He can be reached at