From the industry that brought you the pay-to-pee fee and the $7 pillow, there's now a new way to give them a little extra money: for ten bucks you can cut the boarding line.

Of course we're just waiting for the fee for breathing air in the airplane (premium air with additional oxygen extra), a napping fee (for those with the audacity not to rent movie headphones or buy $2 sodas) and very possibly a flight attendant consulting fee, charged to anyone with a query such as "When do we land?"

In the meantime, this is what the Associated Press reports about Southwest Airlines' latest effort to suck more money out of fliers:

The Dallas-based discount carrier said Wednesday that for an extra $10 each way Southwest passengers can automatically reserve a boarding position prior to general check-in. That would allow those customers to begin boarding the plane after certain elite fliers, who don't have to pay add-on fees for early boarding privileges.

Unlike other carriers, Southwest does not offer assigned seating.

The new offering, which can be purchased up to 25 hours prior to the scheduled departure time of the customer's flight, was available for purchase starting Wednesday, Sept. 2 for travel beginning Sept. 3.

MainStreet wants to know what do you think: Will cutting in line lead to more air rage? Whatever happened to just getting to the gate on time?

The Associated Press contributed to this story

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