Snuggie lovers should beware of getting hooked into paying more than they bargained for.

“Rebate” checks for $8.95 have been issued to Snuggie buyers, snaring them in with an old trick perpetuated by credit card companies, according to WalletPop.

This is another reason, besides saving on shipping costs, why suckers for products peddled on infomercials might be better off shopping at the As Seen on TV store at the mall.

On the rebate checks, in fine print, it says that by cashing the check, the consumer is authorizing the transfer or their personal information to another company and agreeing to enroll in a $149.99 annual membership to Great Fun, a site that claims to offer discounts on dining, shopping and entertainment. Even worse, the annual fee is charged automatically each year.

In order to avoid these charges, consumers have to call in to cancel their membership within a 30-day trial period. The Complaints Board has received dozens of reports from consumers about unauthorized credit card charges from Great Fun saying they weren’t aware of the company or why they were being charged.

One consumer reported being caught by the scam when booking a trip on

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