Tired of pinching every penny?

It’s not a crime to treat yourself every once in a while. Even in this economy, it’s OK to splurge. What’s the point of having money, if you never use it to enhance your life experiences?

After months of worrying about where every penny has gone, it may be time for a bit of a treat.

The key, however, is to splurge wisely. Getting into debt over a big splurge only worsens matters in the long run.

Instead, get a little enjoyment out of life with these five small splurges:

1. Eating out. Go out to dinner (for a smaller splurge, have lunch). Go somewhere you really want to go. Get an appetizer -- order dessert!

2. Grocery store. Buy that fancy chocolate, or that fine cheese. Buy something extra for the table.

3. Stay an extra night. Taking a vacation? Pay for an extra night in the hotel. Let the kids enjoy the pool.

4. Clothing. Buy that top you’ve had your eye on. Encourage your husband to purchase new jeans. Bonus: Buy them on sale.

5. Relaxation. Get a massage, or enjoy a pedicure, manicure or shave (for men). You may not be able to pay for an entire day at the spa, but go ahead and splurge for a single treatment.

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