Costco lovers who can’t commit to membership may be able to take advantage of the wholesaler’s discounts by simply using a gift card.

The Costco Cash Card can get you into a store and you can use it to pay for your goods, notes The Frugal Find. But you’ll have to know someone with a membership to get the gift card for you and put down at least $10 for one. Only members can purchase the card, according to the money-saving blog. A regular Costco membership for personal and household use costs $50.

If you end up buying more than the value on your card, which we understand can be all too easy, you can pay the remainder in cash or with your debit card. Unfortunately only members can reload the Cash Cards, according to the company’s Web site.

And wholesale clubs like Costco aren’t just a good place to save on packaged foods and non-perishables. In fact, buying prepared food at the store could wind up being cheaper than making the same thing fresh at home.

For everyday grocery items, though, buying in bulk at stores like Costco (Stock Quote: COST), Sam’s Club (Stock Quote: WMT) and BJ’s (Stock Quote: BJ) isn’t always the cheapest way to go, MainStreet has learned.

For instance, household staples like paper towels and toilet paper aren’t necessarily the cheapest when you buy them by the 96-pack.