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As gas prices continue to go north, discovering ways to cut back on time in your car are sometimes as simple as turning to the Internet. Now you can explore locales across the globe with the click of a mouse. And there’s more than just Google (GOOG) Earth, the Web site that provides aerial and street view shots of some neighborhoods.

Here’s a look at a few other sites that take you across America from the Web.

Live Search Maps
This Web site offers a bird’s eye view of specific addresses, and also boasts a 2D and 3D beta version of street shots.

Every Scape
Currently in Beta, the EveryScape offers street views and even “auto drive” to take in the areas from New York City to Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Looking for a more exotic destination? You can even take the Web to the streets of Beijing.

TheStreet Recommends

Street imagery by Mapjack is currently limited to the San Francisco Bay area, but it’s more vivid than its online competitors.
Not everything you want to peek at across the globe is included in these online mapping systems (like the Pentagon). But these alternatives give you a shot at seeing some parts of world without your automobile.