Every year around Halloween, someone trots out the old urban legend about candy laced with poison, broken glass or razor blades. This year, real reports of food and candy contaminated with broken glass and other foreign substances have cropped up just in time for Halloween.

First, there was the recall earlier this month of bags of store-brand frozen peas that may contain shards of glass. The peas were sold in the Southeast U.S. and in Wal-Mart (Stock Quote: TGT) stores across the country, and the manufacturer, Pictsweet, is advising consumers to return them to the retailer. The codes of the affected bags can be found on the FDA’s website. Fortunately, no injuries have been reported.

Next, Wisconsin’s Klement Sausage Company is recalling 2,740 pounds of “beef sticks,” the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service announced on Friday. The recall comes after consumers discovered bits of broken glass and/or hard plastic in bags of Market Pantry brand beef sticks, which are sold at Target (Stock Quote: TGT)  stores nationwide. The product in question is sold in 8-ounce bags bearing the product code 03293. Consumers with questions should contact the company at 414-744-2330.

Of course, you’re probably not handing out beef sticks and frozen peas on Halloween. You may, however, plan on handing out lollipops. If so, stay away from Mega Pops. Some bags of the Colombina brand candies were found to contain traces of “foreign particles” – reported in some news outlets to be metal flakes – and the affected bags should be returned to the retailer immediately, says the company. For the UPC and lot codes of the recalled bags, visit the FDA’s website. The company insists that the pops do not pose a health risk, and no injuries have been reported.

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