If you're a Quicken loyalist, you might have been perplexed or even worried by Intuit's acquisition of rival personal budgeting site Mint.com.

Questions about the future of Quicken Online and Mint.com have been hanging over the heads of users of both sites ever since the deal was announced in mid-September.

Now that the deal is closed, TechCrunch spoke with Mint founder and CEO Aaron Patzer about the future of the two sites. Patzer told TechCrunch that “Over the next 6 to 9 months … we will end-of-life Quicken Online and their customers’ data will be migrated over to Mint.”

So, we finally have an answer: Quicken users will wave goodbye to their online experience and be merged into the Mint network.

Now, now, Quicken fans, don’t be too upset. The good news is that Patzer said there are plans in the works to integrate the popular TurboTax program into Mint's offerings as well.

Patzer, who is now in charge of all of Quicken's online and desktop products in addition to Mint.com, told TechCrunch, “What I want to do is to take your stock transactions and everything you’ve tagged in Mint as a medical expense or business expense and push that over to see if you should itemize deductions. If we pull in your 1099s and deductions, we have done half your taxes for you. We could reduce the time it takes you to do your taxes to 20 minutes or less.”

Sign me up! A 20-minute tax filing process would be revolutionary, though I'm not sure accountants would be too pleased...