The Price of Sarcasm - TheStreet

First there was the printing press, then there was the Internet. Now, we may be witnessing the next big evolution in communication: the SarcMark.

The SarcMark is a new kind of punctuation mark that you can use in e-mails, instant messages and even when texting on your phone to indicate that you are being sarcastic. And it only costs $2 to buy. What a steal!

If I had two bucks to spare, I definitely would have thrown the SarcMark into several of the previous sentences. Instead, I’m just going to type out the full word for the rest of the article when I’m being sarcastic.

But seriously, why would anyone need to buy such a thing? Well, according to the Web site for Sarcasm, Inc., the company behind this product, the goal is simple: “Never again be misunderstood!  Never again waste a good sarcastic line on someone who doesn’t get it!”

So that’s why no one laughs at all the dynamite jokes I make online (SarcMark). I guess sometimes emoticons just aren’t enough, and who really wants to type out “jk” all the time (SarcMark)?

Strangely, many tech publications seem to be trashing this new punctuation. I really can’t understand why (SarcMark). PC Magazine called the SarcMark a “period on steroids,” and Gizmodo summarized it best with their description, “SarcMark: For when you’re not smart enough to express sarcasm online.”

The truth is it’s probably a bad sign for the state of humanity when we need to pay to have emotions spelled out for us. But, then again, people are just so difficult to read (SarcMark).

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