Proctor & Gamble (Stock Quote: PG) is recalling some of its Iams cat food due to low levels of thiamine, which can cause muscle weakness and seizures in cats.

P&G advised consumers to discard certain cans of ProActive Health Cat and Kitten Food in a press release issued yesterday. Those cans have “best fed by” dates that fall between September 2011 and June 2012, printed on the bottom of the 3-ounce and 5.5-ounce cans.

Other Iams products are not affected by the recall.

The voluntary recall is the result of a report that a cat, relying exclusively on this brand of food, began exhibiting symptoms of a deficiency in thiamine, according to spokesman Jason Taylor. In total, two cases of thiamine-deficient cats were reported to P&G, and both cats recovered after receiving a thiamine shot, he said.

An investigation following the initial report found that the manufacturing process yielded “inconsistent levels of thiamine,” a nutrient, also known as Vitamin B1, that is essential for cats.

“We’re not talking about a contamination issue. There’s no adulteration in the products,” Taylor said. “Just some of the cans are low in this vitamin.”

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Low thiamine levels, which can typically be treated, are associated with increased salivation and vomiting, loss of appetite and weight loss among cats. In serious cases, a cat’s neck may curve downward, and a cat can start walking unsteadily, fall frequently and even have seizures.

P&G, a consumer goods firm headquartered in Cincinnati, also issued a stop-sell order to stores, Taylor said. Petco, a nationwide pet store chain, instructed stores to remove the product from shelves and programmed registers to deny the sale of the product, according to a post on its blog Wednesday.

Taylor said that he is not sure when the product will be back on shelves or how many cans are part of the recall but added that the recalled product represents 1% of Iams’ business.

This recall is not the first due to low thiamine levels. Last September, Diamond Pet Foods recalled some bags of cat food that sickened more than 20 cats because they did not contain enough thiamine.

Consumers can call P&G at (877) 340-8826 for a product replacement or refund.

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