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We all have fond memories of scoring candy-filled goodie bags at childhood birthday parties, but many of Hollywood’s elite got a lot more than candy at last night’s Emmy awards.

While the Emmys didn’t offer an official gift bag for attendees, that didn’t stop organizations from putting together their own goodie bags for the various after-parties. Companies seeking high-profile product placement stuffed gift bags full of free swag, from hair products to DVDs to e-readers. Here’s a rundown of some of the free stuff handed out to Tinseltown celebrities last night.

The Body Shopgave out samples from three of their skin care lines. Not impressed? Well, they bundled it with Barnes and Noble’s e-reader, the $199 Nook, which came pre-loaded with books on skin care.

Entertainment Tonightoffered a two-night stay in an ocean view suite at Terranea Resorts, which start at $425 a night. There was also the usual array of beauty products, liquor and candy, plus a gift certificate to MyBlow LA, a salon where all they do is dry hair. In the ultimate case of “throw out the toy, play with the box,” the gifts were bundled in a Cole Haan Signature Shopper, which is apparently unavailable in stores and was “exclusively designed” for the event. It looks expensive.

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The GBK and Tic Tac Luxury Gift Loungegave every single guest a year’s supply of Tic Tacs, in a flavor of their choice! It makes you wonder how they determine what constitutes a year’s supply. If you’ve got a pack-a-day Tic Tac habit, will they just give you a suitcase full of Tic Tacs? (Approximate retail price: $365, not counting the cost of the suitcase.) Anyway, they also threw in an iPad ($499).

The Secret Room's Emmy Awards Style Lounge gave out Belly Buds, among other things. What are Belly Buds, you ask? They are basically headphones that stick to a pregnant woman’s belly and blast music or recorded messages into her uterus. Kind of like an iPod for your fetus. It retails for $49.99. Now you know.

The best gift, though, was at HBO’s Luxury Lounge on Saturday night - free Johnny Rockets all year for you and three friends. Keep your beauty products, I’ll take the free burgers. 

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