If you didn’t already have enough reasons to hate airlines, here are 16 billion more.

A new report commissioned by the Federal Aviation Administration has found that airline passengers in the U.S. lost $16.7 billion as a result of flight delays in 2007. If that’s not bad enough, the total cost of flight delays to airlines, passengers and the economy as a whole is estimated to be nearly $33 billion.

According to the Washington Post, “More than half that amount comes from the pockets of passengers who lose time waiting for their planes to leave and then spend money scrounging for food and sleeping in hotel rooms while they're stranded, among other costs.”

On top of this, the report also found that delayed flights reduce our country’s overall productivity by about $4 billion because of time wasted, and that the airlines spent more than $8 billion paying for extra gas and employee overtime . So the truth is that no one comes out ahead from airline delays.

On the bright side, reports earlier this year show that the number of lengthy airline delays has declined substantially this year compared to 2009.

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