NEW YORK (MainStreet) — Don’t let all the buzz surrounding the new iPad 3 distract you from the deals you can find on the older models.

Apple (Stock Quote: AAPL) is now selling the iPad 2 for as little as $399 and refurbished versions for as little as $349, which is a great deal when you consider the prices of other 10-inch tablets like the Motorola Xoom and the Samsung Galaxy Tab, both of which start at $499.

As for the first generation iPad, anyone who hoped the price would drop to $299 will be disappointed. Instead, the product is almost completely phased out from the Apple store, but you can still find refurbished versions of certain original models for $399 and up, which seems like a deliberate effort not to undercut the new low price of the iPad 2.

Still, these refurbished models do offer incredible bargains in terms of 3G access and storage space. For example, you can now get a first generation 16 GB iPad with 3G connectivity for $399, down from its original price of $620 when it launched two years ago.

Here are the new prices you should keep in mind when weighing which iPad model to purchase going forward:

iPad 2

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16 GB with Wi-Fi: $399 (down from $499)

16 GB with 3G: $529 (down from $629)

Refurbished 16 GB with Wi-Fi: $349 (down from $499)

First Generation iPad

Refurbished 32 GB with Wi-Fi: $399 (down from $599)

Refurbished 16 GB with 3G: $399 (down from $629)

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