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Anyone could have predicted that Oprah and KFC's free chicken giveaway would end in disaster. Anyone, that is, except for Oprah and KFC.

After just one day, KFC (Stock Quote: YUM) announced it would stop honoring the coupons, which were originally supposed to be good through May 19. So many people turned up that some locations ran out of food and, at one Manhattan store, disgruntled customers collected outside to protest, sparking rumors of a violent demonstration and forcing a KFC spokesperson to tell the Associated Press, "There was no riot."


So KFC pulled the promotion. Still want your promised grilled chicken? You can go to any KFC and fill out a form to get a rain check sent to you. When will the rain checks be sent? Only God and the colonel know, but if KFC has learned its lesson, they'll stagger it this time so they don't get the entire Internet pounding on their doors at once.

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And don't say we didn't warn you.

On the plus side, there have been no reports of problems with Arby's much less publicized free iced tea giveaway (Stock Quote: WEN).

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