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NEW YORK (MainStreet) — If you had any doubt about the popularity of daily deal sites among consumers, should put those doubts to rest. This site may well be the first online tool ever to put out coupons for medical marijuana.

Think about that for a moment: Online couponing has become so mainstream that it’s actually being used to help consumers find the best bargains on drugs. As a personal finance website, we must admit to feeling a bit torn about this one. After all, it’s important to practice smart spending habits whenever possible, but for marijuana?

Now to be fair, is only promoting the sale of medical marijuana in states where it is currently legal. So no, you will not find a coupon on this site for the nearest illegal drug dealer in your neighborhood.

Instead, anyone living in states like California, Colorado or Nevada who has a prescription can search for deals offered by medical marijuana dispensaries in various cities. For example, when searching for deals in the Anaheim, Calif., area, we found a coupon from one dispensary offering first-timers a free gram of marijuana when they spend $30 or more. Likewise, in the Pacific Beach neighborhood of San Diego, one dispensary is advertising an ongoing deal to get four grams of marijuana for $25 (although, the deal doesn’t say what this amount costs normally, so we’ll just go ahead and assume that’s a bargain).

Given that this site offers deals on marijuana, rather than, say, movie tickets, it functions a little bit differently than regular deal sites.

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General Cannabis, the company behind the site, explained in a press release that users pay nothing upfront on the site to snag the coupons and can only redeem the deals in the dispensaries. In this way, WeedMaps avoids the thorny issue of having users pay the site money for marijuana, rather than paying a legal dispensary.

"This is about compassion for the end users, the patients. This further exemplifies WeedMaps' desire to help our clients, the dispensaries and promote their products in the most effective manner.  This is about expanding awareness!" said Brad Nelms, vice president of marketing for WeedMaps Media, in a press release.

Indeed, WeedMaps isn’t the first deal venture from General Cannabis. The company also hosts the site, which holds contests twice a week for patients to win free marijuana and other medical accessories.

Medical marijuana is slowly becoming a consumer product, and like any other product, consumers want to find the best deals on it. For better or worse, sites like these could be the future.

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