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Nothing helps the workday fly by faster than humming along to your favorite song, especially when it’s easy (and cheap) to download or stream online.

This week, two subscription-based online music services launched. Rdio and Mog Mobile serve up millions of tunes within social media platforms.

“Rdio features lists of friends and what they are listening to, which can then be added to the user's personal collection,” Electronista, a tech blog, reports.

Meanwhile Mog Mobile, which is owned by American music rental company Mog, squares off in the competitive mobile app space that includes Zune, Google, Grooveshark, Spotify, Rhapsody and countless others. Screen Digest reports the service will “offer on-demand listening from a catalogue of 8 million tracks.” Priced at $5 a month for PC listening only, consumers also have the option to pay $9.99 for the freedom to stream on both their PCs and mobiles.

Rdio, the startup collaboration between Skype and Kazaa, originally kicked off in private beta, but now is open to U.S. and Canadian listeners. The on-demand player offers “song-catching” for offline enjoyment as well as coveted features that save the songs. For $4.99 a month, listeners can stream music from any internet-connected laptop or desktop computer, while the $9.99 package “upgrades the service to a mobile plan that's accessible from Android devices or the iPhone 4,” CNET reports.

Here are MainStreet’s picks for fun ways to rock out online.

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TheStreet Recommends

Community Audio: Presenting the ultimate MP3 and audio library. Community Audio boasts more than 200,000 “free digital recordings ranging from alternative news programming, to Grateful Dead concerts, to Old Time Radio shows, to book and poetry readings, to original music”—and it all was uploaded by users. Another perk: Listeners can download tracks in a variety of PC-friendly formats.
Price: Free

Grooveshark:This MainStreet fave lets listeners search for and play nearly every song under the sun. Be your own DJ and make up a playlist, just keep your Creedence Clearwater Revival mix to yourself. Learn more about GrooveShark.
Price: Free

Lastfm:Research that indie rock band you read about on, then launch the group’s radio station to hear similar artists. Bonus: Slideshows often feature never-before-seen pics of the artists.
Price: Free

Pandora: The Music Genome Project is the basis for this on-demand player, which creates a radio station according to your tastes. Enter your favorite band or song to discover a fresh set of tunes.
Price: The first 39 hours played each month are free, but you can purchase unlimited streaming for $36/month.

Zune Mixview: Music, TV shows and movies when you want them. Who really could ask for more? On PCs, Microsoft’s entertainment interface has a social media component (you can view a Listener’s Card) to learn about artists and songs you might like.  
Price: Free, but for $14/month Zune Pass members get unlimited downloads and streaming, plus 10 additional songs to “keep forever.”

Wolfgang’s Vault: Couldn’t catch the Hendrix gig in October 1968? No worries, Wolfgang’s Vault probably has it for download, along with a treasure trove of rarely heard interviews, live concert footage, famous bootlegs and more from your favorite artists.
Price: Downloads range from no-fee to $12.98. For $48/year, WWIP members get unlimited downloads and discounts.

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