NEW YORK (MainStreet) – Google Maps is an invaluable tool for finding your way around a city, especially if you’ve got it on your smartphone. But let’s be honest: You don’t only get lost outside.

With this in mind, Google (Stock Quote: GOOG) is finally bringing its map service indoors. The company announced today that the new Google Maps 6.0 for Android provides floor plans and maps for select indoor locations, including malls, airport and large retail stores.

As the company explains, this will free you from the tyranny of the mall directory, which is never around when you need it and difficult to interpret. The new Maps app puts the mall directory right in your hand, and as with outdoor maps, GPS allows you to see exactly where you are in reference to your destination. The app can even adjust for which floor you’re on.

The indoor mapping service is only available on Android phones, and for now the indoor maps are provided for select locations, including the Mall of America, IKEA, Home Depot (Stock Quote: HD) and a few airports. But business owners who want their customers to be able to easily navigate their stores can visit to get in on the program.

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