NEW YORK (MainStreet) — If you plan on ringing in 2012 at a party or a bar, you may want to look into alternate driving arrangements so you don’t have to worry about heading home after having too much to drink.

Many local AAA auto clubs will offer “Tipsy Tows,” a service that will take you and your car home for free after your New Year’s Eve festivities. The Automobile Club of Southern California, for instance, runs its service from from 6 p.m. on Friday to 6 a.m. on New Year’s Day.

Those in need of a lift can simply call 1-800-400-4AAA for a free tow home of up to seven miles.  Passengers are excluded and any tow of more than seven miles will cost the rate charged by the tow truck contractor.  Reservations are not accepted.

Similar services from AAA are offered in Hawaii, Florida, Georgia, parts of Tennessee and Alabama.

AAA members can check to find their local auto club’s website and see if a similar service is offered in their area.

Revelers may also want to try calling their local sheriff’s department since some municipalities will partner with local towing agencies to offer rides home as well.

—Jeanine Skowronski is staff reporter for MainStreet. You can reach her by email at, or follow her on Twitter at @JeanineSko.