There are a lot of reasons to be happy this week. Congress has passed a sweeping financial overhaul that will give more power to consumers and BP has stopped the oil leak. So why not celebrate with some ice cream?

Back in 1984, Ronald Reagan declared that July would be our National Ice Cream Month, and that the third Sunday of that month would be the official National Ice Cream Day. Well, folks, we did some quick math, added up the Sundays in the month, carried some zeros and guess what? That means this Sunday is National Ice Cream Day!

So basically you have two options, you can either celebrate by making a batch of your own ice cream (learn how to do that here) or you can visit your favorite ice cream shops. For those interested in doing the latter, MainStreet has put together a list of a few places around the country that are giving away free scoops or just planning to hold some fun events in celebration of the beauty that is ice cream.

Baskin Robbins – The popular chain has announced that it will be retiring five classic flavors from its lineup at the end of the month including French vanilla and superfudge truffle. However, the company will introduce new flavors to replace them on Sunday for National Ice Cream Day. So stop by your nearest Baskin Robbins and ask for a sample.

Philadelphia Ice Cream Festival – The city is holding a big ice cream festival this Saturday which will feature ice cream eating contests and free giveaways of Bassetts Ice Cream.

Tampa Museum of Science and Industry – This popular destination is celebrating National Ice Cream Day with an interactive exhibit on how to freeze stuff with liquid nitrogen and they are giving away a free scoop of Blue Bell’s new flavor, Caramel Kettle Crunch.

Perry’s Ice Cream – Apparently no one has quite as much ice cream spirit as Pennsylvania. Not only are they having an ice cream festival, but Perry’s, a family owned ice cream manufacturer, is giving out free scoops at ice cream stands throughout Pennsylvania and Ohio. Check here to find the location nearest you.

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