Barbie really does have expensive taste.

The BBC reports that a special Barbie model was sold at an auction in New York this week for an astounding $302,500. So what makes this particular Barbie so expensive?

According to the BBC, this one-of-a-kind Barbie “wears a black strapless evening dress with a choker featuring a one-carat square-cut pink diamond.” The diamond necklace was designed by Stefano Canturi, a jewelry designer from Australia. Too classy.

In fact, each time Barbie breaks a sales record, it usually has something to do with diamonds. Back in 1999, De Beers, the popular jewelry company, put out a special 40th anniversary edition Barbie that sported an dress with 160 diamonds on it. That sold for $85,000.

Diamonds really are a girl’s best … eh, you know where this one’s going.

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