You might want to think twice before clicking on a Vietnamese website.

A new study from Internet security company McAfee has found that Vietnamese websites (any domain name ending with .vn) are the most likely to deliver malware that can do damage to your computer, either in the form of pop-ups, phishing attempts or browser exploits. Of the nearly 25,000 Vietnamese websites that the study analyzed, more than half contained some kind of malicious program.

According to the study, which included more than 27 million active sites, the three riskiest countries for domains are Vietnam, Cameroon (.cm) and Armenia (.am). Japan’s websites (.jp) ranked as the safest, with just 0.1% deemed risky. Meanwhile, the United States ranked 12th, with more than 11% of all sites containing some form of malware.

On the whole, the study found that the Internet is getting more dangerous, with 6.2% of all websites in 2010 deemed risky, compared to 5.8% the year before.

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McAfee also broke down the various types of domains and found that those ending with .com had the most instances of malware, with nearly 1 million malicious domains out of about 15 million analyzed. However, by percentage, sites ending with .info were the most risky, with nearly half of all sites containing some malware.

The safest are educational sites (.edu) and travel sites (.travel), both of which were found to have almost no cases of malware.

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