NEW YORK (MainStreet) — Here's your money-making idea of the year: cannabis courier. Home delivery of marijuana is the perfect combination of opportunity and demand. As the momentum for marijuana legalization grows, consumers are seeking convenience and privacy when making their pot purchases.

One mobile marijuana service is Summerlin & Southwest Cannabis Delivery in Las Vegas. Offering front door delivery of medical marijuana, the company says in a promotional release that it provides registered patients with a "discreet and professional means of obtaining safe-access to an alternative medicine" with "a plethora of cannabis-related remedies."

Lab- tested prescriptions can include "potent Indica strains" such as Pure Power Plant, Bentley and BlueBand as well as "cerebral Sativa strains" such as Skywalker O.G., Green Thai, Sour O.G. and Blue Dream.

The delivery service says it firmly adheres to all state regulations and cannabis bylaws "consistently ensuring the safety of our patients and their God-given rights."

Similar cannabis courier companies are located across the nation, in states that have legalized marijuana for medical purposes. But grass-to-go is not only a prescription delivery service. Recreational users in Washington state can get their bag delivered in "about 45 minutes" by the Winterlife Cooperative -- serving customers since 2013.

The Seattle-based business offers free delivery to your "address, business or cross street" within a designated service area -- with driver meet-ups available for $50 "on-demand" deliveries to customers living outside the normal delivery zone.

In keeping with the Great Northwest's organic vibe, Winterlife Cooperative's employees are collectively known as "Critters" and go by names such as Bear and Otter.

Is it legal? Winterlife Cooperative answers that question on its website:

"Because Winterlife Co-op agree[s] with the [Washington state] voters, that responsible adults have the right to safe and reliable access to Cannabis in [its] 'botanical entirety,' and that the veritable plethora of potential health benefits from cannabis use would indicate that all adult Washingtonians qualify for 'Medical Cannabis' out of 'Medical Necessity'; we 'Good Samaritan' Critters will continue to provide 'Safe, Reliable and Legally Defendable Service' for as long as it takes for ALL adults in Washington to have access to cannabis!"

The state of Washington has legalized the sale of retail recreational marijuana but has not yet instituted a distribution structure.

However, home delivery is not authorized under the law. As for shipping, Winterlife says, "No shipping, no exceptions, don't ask!!!"

--Written by Hal M. Bundrick for MainStreet