MainStreet Gives Budgeting Advice

How are you saving money?
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We heard from you about your ways to save money during this recession. Everyone has a different idea about what they can do to save during this economic downturn. Some believe the government bailout is a good idea while other disagree. 

A few MainStreeters are living in frugal/budgeted life already. However, the majority are looking to save. With gas prices up and job layoffs becoming a more common occurrence now is the time to learn how you can budget.

Here are some of your thoughts and comments on how to budget during this economic hardship.

I have found that being frugal out of complete necessity and being frugal because you are saving money and paying off debt are two completely different things. Pinching every single penny because you are scared there won't be enough to keep the electricity on and for the next meal for your family is a horrible, scary way to live. Pinching every penny because you are paying off debt and watching your savings grow is fun. I've been in both situations before and feel terrible for all those out there that are living on the edge
. – KIM

You left out the most important lesson from the Great Depression. Government intervention makes things worse, not better. – DUANE

The best special occasion facial I know is whipped egg white and honey, left to dry on your skin for ten minutes.
It's fantastic for tightening and rejuvenating your skin!  Grow your own vegatables and store them for the winter.  Buy chickens whole and cut them up yourself! Rent movies at Redbox kiosks for one dollar (available at leading supermarkets) instead of 10 or 12 dollar movie theatres. Shop later in the evenings at shoprite & A& P when they mark down some items that wer dated for that day, but can be frozen indefinetly.  Add water to an almost empty soap bottle and extend the contents much further. Those pennies add up people

Another money lesson: Don't filler up. Buy just enough gas to cover local errands and trips. If gas prices are on the way down, this would provide additional savings. – RAY

It all takes discipline. It takes time to make a habit and it takes time to break it. My husband and I read Dave Ramsey's book Total Money Makeover and it was life changing. We have been able to pay off $20,000.00 of debt in 1 1/2 yrs and are working on me becoming a stay at home mom/full time student. If you put your mind to it it's not that bad...being frugal is not that bad or hard to do. Honestly, I find it like a game to find the best deals and make our hard earned income work more for us. It does take a lot of discipline though:)

I would love to get rid of my land line, but my husband insists that we need it for our computers to work! – HELEN BOVASSO

get wireless internet then you don need a landline phone line. thats what we did

your husband is wrong. get broadband and get aol free if thats what your using.your better off without aol, all it does is hang up your speed. – PETE

I don't think getting rid of your land line is a good Idea. It may be ok if you are the only person living in the place. There is no mention of clothes dryers that can eat up some juice. There is free solar heat to use and even indoors you can use a clothes tree and let them dry overnight with your heater acting as the dryer. – TYRANNICAL JACK