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It may be difficult to look away from calorie counts on fast food menus, but connoisseurs of over-the-top fried treats will still be ordering one of the more indulgent items on the KFC menu later this month: the Double Down.

Instead of bread, this chicken sandwich will use two slabs of boneless fried chicken to hold together bacon and plenty of cheese in between. While some fast food patrons on a diet might request that sandwich buns be replaced with lettuce, The Double Down represents the opposite end of the sandwich modification spectrum.

Surprisingly, the greasy and fried menu item costs you only 540 calories, about the same as a Big Mac from McDonald’s (Stock Quote: MCD), according to USA Today, but it contains 1,380 milligrams of sodium and 10 grams of saturated fat – that’s more than half a day’s worth of each.

The so-called sandwich will be available at all KFC (Stock Quote: YUM) restaurant chains for about $5 on April 12 and will be available for only six weeks.

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The Double Down was previously available in a limited number of KFC restaurants in the United States last year, and fried food enthusiasts crossed state lines just to get a taste of the stack of greasy meat and cheese, USA Today reports.

Separately, lovers of fast food breakfasts now have a bigger and cheaper sandwich option from Burger King (Stock Quote: BKC).  The fast food chain is adding sausage, egg and cheese on an English muffin, which is equivalent to the McDonald’s Egg McMuffin, to its breakfast menu, according to the South Florida Business Journal.

The breakfast sandwich will be available for just $1 in most Burger King restaurants, according to the Consumerist.

McDonald’s previously moved its Sausage McMuffin (with no egg) to its dollar menu at some locations.