Before you cut down on clutter by throwing out or selling old stuff you haven’t been using, you may want to consider how these items in the back of your desk drawer or kitchen cabinets could save you money, if you actually did use them.

According to WalletPop, common household items like rice cookers, sound systems and books are some of the “most worthless pieces of junk.” Walletpop, you know we love you (they are one of our partners), but honestly, we don’t know what you were thinking when you included a few of the items on your list. Many of them, when actually used, save you money… making them far from worthless.

The Rice Cooker

Unless you prefer checking the stove every few minutes to make sure nothing gets burned, a rice cooker can be an invaluable tool, especially for those who often realize it’s 9 p.m. before they even remember to eat.

Rice cookers, which shut off by themselves and may even turn on by themselves if yours has a timer, means people with busy lives can still eat, and less rice is wasted if you forget that it’s cooking.

The Iron

Ironing your clothes, even the wash-and-wear type, makes for a sharper, more polished look, and you don’t always have to have your clothes pressed at the dry cleaner’s.

In fact, many clothes that say “Dry Clean Only” on the tag can actually be hand washed in cold water. And after you’ve washed your clothing and have hung it up to dry, ironing your clothes you’re self, with a little skill, means you’ll save laundry money.

Thumb Drives

Emailing documents to yourself is a common way to make them accessible from anywhere you can find a computer, but for some, it may mean an inbox full of messages from yourself and virtually none from other people.

Flash drives, often given out free at company events, are another great way to make your digital documents portable. If you have 10 or 12 unused thumb drives, you may want to get rid of a few, but if you frequently work with digital documents and tend to travel for work, for example, they can prove invaluable as well. Even if storage space is relatively small, they come in handy for storing things like word processing documents.


Books haven’t gone the way of the cassette tape or even the newspaper yet. And many people prefer the feel of flipping pages instead of pressing buttons, and like to be the first person to crack a book’s spine or doggy-ear pages.

What’s more, books are significantly cheaper when you consider how much you have to pay for a digital eBook reader alone, before you even buy any eBooks.

Home Sound System

WalletPop argues that pressing a few extra buttons and using more than one remote control to work a home sound system isn’t worth the trouble, but even some TV watchers who aren’t complete audiophiles would beg to differ, especially given the existence of a nifty gadget known as the universal remote.

And as consumers cut their movie-watching budgets, the quality of the home theater experience is all the more important.

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