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Only the early birds will get to fly using JetBlue’s All You Can Jet Pass. It took just a day for the airline to sell out of its unlimited flight passes, which allow frequent fliers to book flights over a 30-day period for a flat fee.

Both the $699 pass and the $499 pass sold out Thursday, after going on sale Wednesday. The $499 pass prohibited travel on Fridays and Sundays. Last year, the passes were offered at $599 with no flight restrictions and they took two days to sell out.

The passes were issued for travel during a traditionally sluggish travel period between summer vacation and winter holidays.

Philanthropic frequent fliers may still be able to score a pass, however. JetBlue (Stock Quote: JBLU) announced earlier today that they are partnering with nonprofit organization to give away five sets of passes (two per winner) to people who can use the pass for good. Those who can use the pass for an existing outreach project or work with a charitable organization have until Aug. 25 to enter for a chance to win. Check out the full contest details here.

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Other fliers may want to take advantage of a similar program being offered by Sun County Airlines, a small leisure airline based in Minneapolis-St. Paul. Sun County’s “Fall Free for All” passes, which allow travelers to book unlimited flights for 37 days, are still available. The passes are good for travel between Sept. 7 and Oct. 13 and cost $499. The passes must be purchased by Aug. 24.

Unlike JetBlue’s pass, however, additional fees and taxes apply with each flight booked. Another catch? They service many domestic cities, as well as Mexico and the Caribbean, but the majority of Sun Country's flights either arrive or depart from Minneapolis-St. Paul or Dallas-Fort Worth.

Those who travel frequently to those areas can purchase a pass by calling Sun County’s reservations department at 1-800-359-6786 (toll free) or 651-905-2737. The phone line is open Monday through Sunday from 5 a.m. to midnight (Central Time).

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