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McDonald’s recently stepped into the smoothie market, and stepped on Jamba Juice’s toes in the process. The smoothie chain is now striking back.

Jamba Juice threw a direct punch at McDonald’s Tuesday when it started redeeming the fast food chain’s smoothie coupons in eight major cities. Beverage connoisseurs in Los Angeles, San Diego, New York City, San Francisco, Sacramento, Miami, Chicago, or Denver stores have until Aug. 15 to use applicable vouchers at their local Jamba Juice.

The appropriately anointed “smoothie showdown” was launched in response to McDonald’s recent release of "The McCafé Real Fruit Smoothie.”

There should be plenty of unredeemed coupons available— McDonald’s planned to promote its new menu item by offering free samples via coupon July 22 to July 22, but rescinded the deal July 15, claiming that the item’s popularity had caused supply shortage.

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Regardless, Jamba Juice promised to honor these coupons by August 15. And to add insult to bribery, Jamba Juice released this video mock-advertising the release of a new “Cheeseburger Chill” drink. The video, along with its accompanying tagline that Jamba Juice is offering their deal “in celebration of not doing the Cheeseburger Chill,”  insinuates McDonald’s has no business selling blended fruit drinks.

If you’re not in a “smoothie showdown” city, you can still print out this coupon to get a $1 off on any Jamba Juice smoothie. This offer’s valid until Sept. 6.

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