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One of Nintendo’s (NTDOY.PK) most successful ventures, the Wii, took the gaming world by storm when it was released 18 months ago. It became one of the best selling video game systems and it is still hard to find one on the shelves at Best Buy (BBY) or Wal-Mart (WMT). And, now they may have done it again.

Nintendo is set to release its newest creation, Wii Fit next week and they hope to outsell recent the recent release of Grand Theft Auto IV by capturing the exercise crazed American audience with it. Inspired by the November '06 release, the active-play game, Wii Sports, which allowed users to play sports like tennis, bowling ,and golf virtually but with the same physical motions used in the real sports, Wii Fit provides users with a work out as they complete activities while on a Wii balance board.

The pressure sensitive balance board is used for activities including aerobics, yoga, muscle stretches and games. Many of these activities focus towards providing a "core" workout, an exercise method that emphasizes slow, controlled motions.

In this economy, people are looking to pump up their muscles for very little money. But, at $80 a pop for the game and balance board and $250 for the gaming console, how does Wii Fit compare to other fitness options?

TheStreet Recommends

Bally Total Fitness Gym Membership
If you’re into hitting the gym like Jack LaLanne, this may be the choice for you. According to the East Brunswick, NJ location, membership to the gym costs $19 per month and includes full access to the gyms amenities. These amenities include a steam room, sauna, pool, multiple weight training areas, and multiple cardio areas.

Tae Bo AMPED System
The DVDs made popular by fitness guru Billy Blanks retail for $39.95. The package includes 5 AMPED workouts, the AMPLIFIER Sculpting Bar, 7 day energy formula, the Billy Blanks Weight Loss Guide Book, and a risk free 30-Day web-club membership

Bikram Yoga
This unique form of exercise takes place in a heated room and is intended to warm up the whole body and work deep into muscles, ligaments and tendons. A single class typically goes for $23 while a year’s membership runs for $1,525.

American Fitness Free Weights
For those who feel they can get in shape on their own can purchase free weights from American Fitness for a variety of prices. A set of 5 lb. weights costs $9.99, 10 lb. weights cost $12.99, 15 lb. weights cost $16.99, 20 lb. weights cost $18.99 and 25 lb. weights cost $25.99. So, a whole set will run you $77.95.

But we're guessing that none of these options are as much fun.