An interesting new iPhone app I’m taking notice of this week arrives at the intersection of mobile productivity, new-age advertising and good old-fashioned savings. I’m referring of course to Pizza Hut’s new mobile application, which has become the talk of the town and even been featured in an Apple (Stock Quote: AAPL) TV spot that aired last week during Monday Night Football.

Getting featured in a “There’s an app for that” Apple commercial is a big deal for developers because it almost guarantees an automatic download boost from all the new intrigued viewers. So is the Pizza Hut application really worth our time? And how can we get some cheap pizza? Be patient and read on, my friends.

The Pizza Hut application uses advanced interactive pizza building technology to help customers visualize their orders. They can scroll through various offerings like pasta, wings and pizza and manipulate the images of the food to their liking. Prefer some extra hot sauce on your wings? Just tap that option and give your iPhone a shake. Those wings will start dancing around and begin to get saucier. Want a bigger or smaller pizza pie? Just pinch or stretch the dough on the screen to toggle between small, medium or large sizes.

Sure all this can be fun, but it’s not something you wouldn’t be able to do on a Domino’s Pizza order page, so what gives? A very nice 20% discount on your entire order when you use the app, that’s what gives. The Pizza Hut app was only released in the middle of the summer, and because of its big publicity and free download cost, it has quickly become a very popular application.

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It’s not all good news though. A large number of users have complained about this application and written negative reviews in the comments section of iTunes. Most of them stem from the relative stupidity of having to create a login on proper before being able to use the mobile app. At that point, wouldn’t it just be easier to pick up your phone and call your local Pizza Hut?

The savings, which may be a limited time offer, are one of the only redeeming values of this app. I wouldn’t say ordering and playing the mini-racing games were altogether uninspiring activities, but how often do I really need to order from Pizza Hut anyway?

In conclusion, the Pizza Hut app is relatively fun to use, costs nothing to download and it will help out your wallet a bit, but it will definitely be hell on your waistline.


Application: Pizza Hut application for iPhone/ iPod Touch.

Cost: Free.

Use: Allows users to place a custom pizza, pasta or wings order and play mini-racing games.

Download iPhone App via iTunes here.

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