This afternoon, the iPhone 4 had its world premier at Apple’s (Stock Quote: AAPL) developer conference, not counting the day it was leaked on Gizmodo.

“Stop me if you’ve seen this,” Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, joked before delving into the details of the new device. The iPhone 4 has more than 100 new features including a front-facing camera and another on the back of the phone that will have a flash and be able to record high definition video. The iPhone will also have the ability to multitask, a feature available on Android (Stock Quote: GOOG) phones that allows users to have multiple apps open at the same time, and the phone will be 24% thinner than the previous model, making it the thinnest smartphone on the market.

The new iPhone also features a bigger battery that allows for 40% more talk time, and iPhone users will now have access to new apps like Netflix and iBooks. But  perhaps most impressive of all, the iPhone 4 has 326 pixels per inch, or four times as many pixels as the previous model. Jobs has dubbed this feature “retina display,” as the resolution is now above and beyond what the human eye can see, which means the image will be crystal clear.

Jobs argued that these changes represent the “biggest leap since the original iPhone.” According to MacWorld, the new device will go on sale in the U.S. June 24 and will cost $199 for the 16 GB model and $299 for the 32 GB model. But if you don’t want to spend that much money, there will also be an 8GB version of the previous model, the iPhone 3GS, for just $99. Or you could go to Wal-Mart, which is now selling the 16 GB iPhone 3GS for $97.

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Still, there are a couple of key features that the new iPhone will not have. There is still no Adobe Flash, which shouldn’t be too much of a surprise since Steve Jobs has repeatedly stated that he does not like Adobe. However, Jobs did announce that the new iPhone book reader will be able to handle Adobe PDF files. Also, the phone does have a new and improved antennae system intended to help with reception. However, as Business Insider notes, the new iPhone does not support the CDMA format, which is what all Verizon phones use. So, all those hoping for the Verizon iPhone will have to wait another year.

Jobs devoted much of his keynote speech at the conference to listing statistics that highlight Apple’s dominance in the smartphone market. According to jobs, Apple users have downloaded 5 billion apps, generating $1 billion for app developers and $400 million for Apple. Jobs said that the iPhone makes up 58.2% of the mobile browsing market while the Android, arguably their biggest competitor, makes up just 22.7%. Additionally, Jobs proudly stated that more than 2 million iPads were sold in the two months since the product’s launch, which means an iPad has been bought every 3 seconds.

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