iPhone 4 Pre-Orders Kick Off - TheStreet

The release of the iPhone 4 is still more than a week away, but Apple (Stock Quote: AAPL) and some other retailers will allow customers to claim their spot in the front of the line.

Tuesday marks the beginning of pre-orders for the new iPhone 4. Boasting features such as multitasking, a front-facing camera and a display that promises to be stunningly clear, the new device has generated much excitement.

AT&T (Stock Quote: T) is fomenting that excitement by extending upgrade offers to more customers. For new customers and customers eligible for an upgrade anytime during 2010, the 16 GB model will cost $199, while the 32 GB model will cost $299.

Other AT&T wireless customers who want to upgrade can snag the iPhone at $399 or $499 depending on the model, and that price increases by $200 for those who want to avoid a two-year contract.

New customers will have to adhere to AT&T’s new data plan, which is cheaper but places data caps at up to 2 GB. Existing users can keep the unlimited data plan or switch to a new plan.

With all the hype, some analysts have asked whether Apple will be able to keep up with demand. To ensure that customers don’t leave the mall empty-handed, retailers are allowing die-hard Apple fans to reserve an iPhone 4 so that they have it in their hands on June 24, the day of its release.


Apple will allow iPhone buffs to claim their device starting Tuesday. Customers can either reserve an iPhone 4 for pickup on June 24 in an Apple Store or pre-order an iPhone online to be delivered at no charge when it is released.


AT&T will allow customers to pre-order the new iPhone 4 Tuesday both on their site and at any retail store.

Best Buy

Best Buy (Stock Quote: BBY) announced Monday that they will be participating in the pre-order program. Starting Tuesday, consumers can pre-order an iPhone 4 at any Best Buy or Best Buy Mobile store nationwide by providing information and purchasing a $50 gift card — which could then be used toward the actual purchase of the iPhone — to claim their spot, according to spokesman Jeff Haydock.

Radio Shack

Radio Shack (Stock Quote: RSH) said last week via Twitter that it, too, will be taking pre-orders for the iPhone 4. Additionally, Radio Shack will accept trade-ins of older models, offering $100 for an iPhone 3G and $200 for an iPhone 3GS. Hannah Higerd, a spokeswoman for the electronics chain, said they were still finalizing details surrounding the pre-ordering process.

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