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Parents used to worry that the Internet was dangerous for children, but it turns out that it’s really just dangerous for everyone, and it’s only getting worse.

A new report by Websense Security Labs showed that pretty much the entire Internet is nothing more than malicious software and spam. According to, “Spotting a spam comment used to be quite easy, but separating the wheat from the chaff is becoming more and more difficult. Websense analysis revealed that 95 percent of all user-generated content is spam, malware, or both.”

So not only is the Internet flooded with junk, but it’s flooded with junk that can hurt you. And It turns out the Internet actually took a nose dive last year in terms of content.

More from Arstechnica: “The results for the latter half of 2009 show a 225 percent increase in malicious websites. Worse, 71 percent of websites found to contain some malicious code were in fact legitimate websites that had been compromised in some way.”

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To put this another way, just 5% of the content on the Internet is authentic. Meanwhile, studies have shown 40% of all Tweets are really  “useless babble,” and we can’t even begin to guess how many blogs fit that description. So the real question is what percentage of the Internet’s content is actually worthwhile?

Maybe it’s time we just go back to analog. Junk mail never seemed quite as nefarious as spam.

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