Incredible Flight Deals: Book Fast - TheStreet

Thinking about flying home for the holidays, but still haven’t booked your ticket? There’s a great deal on flights now but you have to act fast.

Virgin America recently posted a list of heavily discounted flights for the holidays and early 2010. Some of the best deals are for cross country flights. You can fly from New York to San Francisco for just $99 each way, or from Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles for the same price.

If you’re looking for something more local, Virgin America is also offering killer deals like San Francisco to Las Vegas for $39 each way. However, these shorter flights are all on the West Coast, so that won’t help those looking for a cheap route in the Northeast or middle America.

These deals are only good if booked by Dec. 15 (that’s tomorrow). If you do book a flight, you can fly anytime in January and early February at the prices listed above, or, for an extra $10, you can fly Dec. 11-31, just in time for the holidays. For other dates and flight, check out Virgin America’s Web site.

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