Eco-friendly shoppers can now go green right down to their skivvies.

Thanks to renewable materials, natural dyes and sustainable manufacturing processes, shoppers now have several options for environmentally-friendly underwear – though for a bit of a premium.  Here are a few of your options.

Baskit Pure underwear for men, for example, is made from organically-grown cotton using “earth-friendly dyes” containing no heavy metals.  A pair of Baskit Pure brand boxer briefs costs $24, and a bikini brief costs about $20.  That’s as much as 30% more than those in its regular Baskit line, and significantly more than you’d pay for a four-pack of Hanes, notes The New York Times.

C-in2 Bamboo underwear is actually made from fibers derived from bamboo, a fast-growing, renewable resource also known for its antibacterial and quick-drying properties. A pair of C-in2 Men's Bamboo Slider briefs cost $19.50 on

G=9.8-brand underwear is made from 94% recycled pine fiber and 6% Spandex. Men’s G=9.8 boxer briefs cost $39 at, down from a regular price of $42. They may be expensive, but their softness may surprise you, and they actually have options for women.  The brand’s boy short panties for women are $49 at BuyGreen, down from $55.

Downside: Cost

Like many environmentally-friendly products, these green skivvies cost significantly more than their traditional counterparts.

And since consumers have been cutting their spending and likely aim to stretch the lives of their older garments, sales of the green undies in the short term may not be great, especially because of the green premium shoppers will have to pay. That’s in line with former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan’s Underwear Index theory, which posits that in a down economy people are less likely to spend money on new underwear because it’s hidden under clothing (usually). 

Prices could drop as demand for the underwear grows, in the same way that other eco-friendly cleaning products and solar panels have, however. 

In the meantime, green shoppers will have to look out for sales. For example, every Tuesday on its Web site, Baskit features one pair of its underwear for just $12.

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