How to Understand 'Wall Street Words' - TheStreet

If you ever think the business news commentators on TV are speaking another language, MainStreet agrees with you. Wall Street words can make money matters sound pretty complicated pretty quickly.

To the rescue is Tracy Byrnes – a alum and Fox Business Network [NWS] reporter – who published her first book recently: Break Down Your Money: How to Get Beyond the Noise to Profit in the Markets.

“TV heads sometimes speak in gibberish that people don’t understand,” Byrnes tells MainStreet. “There’s this little language amongst us that we tend to fall back on and it’s unfair. If you’re not in the business, you don’t speak like that.” Calling financial lingo “not rocket science by any stretch,” Byrnes says she hopes Break Down Your Money will “demystify all the gibberish” for people who aren’t Wall Street insiders – but still want to be smart about their money.

Want a taste? MainStreet is pleased to excerpt the first chapter of Break Down Your Moneyhere.