Harry Potter's spell could not last forever.

With no more sequels in sight, popular children’s publisher Scholastic (STOCK QUOTE: SCHL) has seen a decline in their share price, in part as a result of J.K. Rowling’s popular Harry Potter series ending.

Tales of Harry’s wizardry were once considered the savior of the children’s book industry, but now technology and television have becomemore popular among children, often at the expense of books. However, technology can also help you discover new books, and for less money.

Take a look at these online book stores, some offer books as low as $1.

Abe Books
A new and used online book store that provides access to more than 100 million titles, making it easy to find Harry Potter, Babysitter’s Club or Gossip Girl books for a buck from numerous stores scattered across the U.S.

Scholastic Book Club Online

The book children’s distributor and publisher has reached millions of children over the years through its book fairs, and now Scholastic provides the opportunity for parents to shop on the Web. The online service has books for as low as $1, and even offers free online resources, such as book clubs for parents.

Better World Books

Free shipping in the United States makes Better World a terrific option for those looking to minimize the check out bill for Dr. Seuss’ Oh, the Places You’ll Go. Better World collects books from corporate and university book drives, amassing more than 11 million used books and saving more than 6,500 tons of books from landfills so far.

All Book Stores
Is a search engine that searches major book stores, and provides the highest and lowest price of all book titles. For example, the list price for Judy Blume’s Superfudgeruns as low as $1.99 to as high as $28.95.