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Finding a perfect but affordable pair of jeans may have once seemed like an unreachable goal, but new denim lines are now employing premium fitting techniques and creating choice jeans at a much lower price.

Premium jeans can often cost more than $200, according to The Wall Street Journal.

But now Gap (Stock Quote: GPS), Loft (Stock Quote: ANN) and other retailers including J. Crew (Stock Quote: JCG) and Abercrombie & Fitch (Stock Quote: ANF) are selling premium-fitting jeans for less than $60, the Journal notes. 

Premium Fits, Lower Prices

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One way these clothing retailers are competing with the Seven for All Mankinds of the world is by tailoring pants for different body types as opposed to designing one style meant to fit all shapes and sizes.

Gap, for example, offers six different styles for women and seven for men. The retailer accommodates a variety of body types with jeans that help to lift and draw attention to your posterior, make your legs look longer and your thighs look slimmer. Their "Curvy" jeans are for women with bigger hips and thighs, and "Real Straight" jeans are for narrower frames. Additionally, waistbands and flared or boot-cut legs have been improved for a more flattering looks.

Where these better-fitting but cheaper jeans can't compete? The denim fabric, which for many $200-plus pairs comes from Japan or Italy, is slightly different. And many of the less-expensive pairs don't fancy-up their rear-pockets with a threaded logo. (The Gap jeans are logo-less.)

But such details are minor, and according to one Gap executive quoted by the Journal, the key to the premium look that his jeans are delivering can be summed up in one word: "fit, fit, fit, fit, fit."

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