If you’re staying at a hotel during your summer vacation, you may want to take a good look at your bill before you leave. Hotels may be adding on fees—even for things you don’t use—right under your nose.

You could be charged an additional fee for an in-room safe and access to a pool or exercise room. Some hotels are adding housekeeping gratuities, bellman fees and baggage handling fees, and if you drive to the hotel, you may be subject to a hefty valet parking fee, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Then there are the hotel mini-bars that detect when you take out a drink and automatically charge it to your room, so even the frugal drinkers who buy their own drinks outside of their hotel and put them in the fridge in their room could get burned.

And we’re not just talking about fancy hotels. So-called “resort charges” and other additional fees are charged at higher-end places like Hiltons down to run-of-the-mill Howard Johnsons, the Journal reports.

The move might be just as damaging to business as higher interest rates and slashed credit limits are to credit card companies, which has prompted a backlash from angry cardholders. And since airline and other travel-related fees are also being piled on, a staycation may be all the more appealing this summer.

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