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The Silver City Restaurant & Brewery in Silverdale, Wash. is adding another offering to its lineup of ales and lagers: an iPad, on the house.

In a promotion reminiscent of the “pull the sticker, win a prize” contests usually seen at fast food joints, the restaurant has begun placing stickers at the bottom of its pint glasses for all sorts of goodies, including $1 beers and free dinner for an entire table. But the grand prize is a big draw: all imbibers get an entry form for an Aug. 30 drawing to win an Apple (Stock Quote: AAPL) iPad. As if you needed another reason to drink beer.

Silver City’s promotion is not the first alliance of beer drinkers and Apple fanatics. Earlier this week, engineers at hooked up an iPad to their office keg to create a “KegMate” that tracks beer consumption and temperature, among other functions. And whatever lucky drinker wins Silver City’s contest will have plenty of beer-centric apps to choose from at the App Store, including a guide to food and beer pairings and an app for home brewers.

Silver City’s contest runs until Aug. 30, and even non-drinkers can get in on the action by requesting an entry form from the waitstaff.

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