Hidden Fees Alert: Introducing the $7,000 3G iPhone - TheStreet

The 3G iPhone (AAPL) hits stores this Friday at 8 a.m., but don’t rush to secure a place in line just yet. You might want to crunch some numbers first.

Sure, the $199 price tag seems appealing for this newer and sleeker model. But add up the service costs over two years and you’ll realize you’re actually paying about $2,000, more than if you bought the original $399 phone and data plan. So, what else can $2,000 buy you over the course of two years? Turns out, a whole lot. Thirty-three pairs of Nike sneakers (NKE), four shares of Google (GOOG) stock and a year of gas are only a couple ways you could spend those precious ducats that otherwise might go to a new iPhone.

And if you’re patient, that $2,000 can become a lot more if you tuck it away to reap the rewards of compound interest. How so? TheStreet.com's Farnoosh Torabi dials up all the answers here.

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