NEW YORK (MainStreet) — There are Beatles people and Rolling Stones people, Mac people and P.C. people, and now one new study argues there are Groupon people and then there are LivingSocial people.

While the two popular daily deal sites are strikingly similar in their layout and even in the kinds of deals they offer, the age, income, education level and location of their American users vary widely between the two sites, according to market research group Nielsen.

Groupon users are generally older, with the majority of the website’s customers aged 35-64, and they are more likely to live in the Northeast, the data shows. LivingSocial users, on the other hand, skew younger, with the 21-34 set making up a third of LivingSocial’s audience, and their users are more likely to live along the West Coast.

LivingSocial users are also better educated on average, as nearly half have a bachelor’s or post-graduate degree, while just 39% of those who use Groupon have these degrees. In fact, LivingSocial customers aren’t just smarter, but they are also wealthier:  the site’s users were found to be 49% more likely than average Americans to earn $150,000 or more, compared to Groupon users who were 30% more likely to do so.

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Of course, just by virtue of being savvy shoppers who hunt for deals online, each site’s users have much in common as well.

Roughly two-thirds of the users on both sites are women, and each site’s users are more likely to be wealthy than average Americans, a point MainStreet has reported on before. Moreover, both sites are most likely to draw their users from the coasts and are less likely to attract Americans from the heartland.

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