Google Toilet Paper? - TheStreet

It’s been a busy week for Google (Stock Quote: GOOG) The company introduced a new cell phone (the Nexus One) and launched their own e-commerce site (which could one day compete with Amazon). In a stunning development, Google even took steps to become an energy company, by sending in their application to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to become an electricity marketer.

Yet, with all of that going on, one development almost got overshadowed. Google seems to have taken the plunge into bathroom products with their new line of Google toilet paper. We can see the headline now: Google wipes away the competition.

Okay, so this isn’t really a Google product. According to, Google is actually “a very popular brand of Vietnamese toilet paper.” Apparently, the toilet paper is made from “100 percent virgin pulp,” whatever that means.  But as some have pointed out, it is a testament to the global reach of the company that their name would be used for a product on the other side of the world.

We reached out to Google for comment, but didn’t hear anything back by the time this went to press. However, until we hear otherwise, we’ll just assume that they are super flattered to see their spotless brand name used in this way.

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