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No one loves to pick fights more than Google. This year alone, the company has had high-profile battles with everyone from China to Facebook. But nothing compares to the fierce brawl between Google and Apple.

Apple (Stock Quote: AAPL) has dominating the tech world in recent weeks with its long-awaited release of the iPad, a device that seeks to redefine the way people use their computers. Now, rumor has it that Google (Stock Quote: GOOG) is fast at work producing their own tablet computer.

Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google, leaked the news at a party he attended in Los Angeles, according to The New York Times. The Google tablet will reportedly focus on having e-reader capabilities, but will also “function like a computer.” Google is not the only company looking to cash in on the tablet craze, but as Wired notes, they may very well be “the only tablet capable of actually challenging the iPad.”

Of course, this fight does go both ways. While Google comes off as the obvious aggressor here, Apple took two jabs at Google recently. First, the company announced that they were introducing multitasking features onto the iPad and next generation iPhones. This feature, which allows users to have more than one application open at a time, is one of the staples of the Google phones. More importantly though, Apple announced it is stepping into the advertising market with the launch of iAd, a tool that will allow businesses to place advertisements in mobile phone apps. Most of Google’s revenue comes from online advertising and the company is currently looking to expand into the mobile ad world.

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All of this comes on the heels of a long downward spiral in relations between the two companies. Last month, the Times described in-depth how Google and Apple had evolved from friendly acquaintances to fierce enemies. Much of this stems from Google’s decision to enter the cell phone business and release the Motorola Droid. “At the heart of their dispute is a sense of betrayal: Mr. Jobs believes that Google violated the alliance between the companies by producing cellphones that physically, technologically and spiritually resembled the iPhone,” the Times reported. The animosity only increased when Google added multitouch features to its phone, a capability that first existed on the iPhone. This development  prompted Apple to fight back at Google by suing HTC, the company that manufactures the phone, for patent infringement.

If Steve Jobs got ornery when Google stepped on the iPhone’s toes, we can only wonder how angry he is now that Google is looking to replicate the iPad, especially considering that Jobs has been working on it for decades. Steve, if you’re reading this, take some deep breaths and practice some yoga before you do anything you might regret.

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