These days, it's all about making the best of the things you already own. Americans are embracing this mentality, and the shoe-repair industry has seen a major boost because of it—one third-generation cobbler told the Wall Street Journal his business has shot up 50% since the economy started its downward spiral.

Many places no longer have a local cobbler, so the 20-something Ilya Romanov created an online shoe-repair service as an extension of his father's existing cobbling business. People from around the country mail in worn-down shoes to, and then the shoes are repaired by Romanov's father's shop.

Save money on shoes by taking them to your local cobbler if you have one, but if your town is without, why not give American Heelers a try? The website says they offer free shipping both ways. It seems like a great alternative to buying new when you don't really need to be shopping.

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