NEW YORK (MainStreet) — On What's wURKEN?, Floored CEO and founder Dave Eisenberg explained how his company offers 3D, digitally navigable interior spaces.

If you look at the number of e-commerce transactions industry by industry, real estate is at the nadir. For a product that is so much about the appearance and the physical space, real estate actually lags behind with its catalogs and store-front signs that don't take full advantage of the tech capabilities that exist to give potential buyers a true tour of the floor plan and a reimagination of a set residential or commercial space.

Using a new type of 3D camera that allows his team to get depth information, Eisenberg has created a product that enables people to swap out furniture, toy with an apartment's layout, navigate the expanses and far-flung hallways of an office.

"Our hope is that it's the most immersive digital experience that you can have," Eisenberg said. "It's the ability to freely move about a space, to look around 360 degrees, up-down, left and right and then to start to think about modifying spaces and objects in a really interactive way."

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Check out the full video below, as my sister, Nicole, and I take our own plunge into the fast-changing world of 3D scanning and software.

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