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Virgin America has partnered with Google to provide free Wi-Fi service for customers during this holiday season. Customers traveling between Nov. 10 and Jan. 15 can take advantage of this deal. This is especially perfect for all the Twitterholics out there, who can’t last five minutes without tweeting, let alone an eight-hour flight.

Free Internet access may sound like a small thing, but lately the trend among airlines has been to charge customers for amenities that are normally free, like the right to reserve your seat and check baggage. This is a nice change of pace.

And at least one new study shows that customers would rather have Wi-Fi access than food, and choose their flights accordingly. So, from a strategic standpoint, Virgin may pick up some new customers by going this route. Personally, though, I don’t want to give up my complimentary chicken meals, even if they are probably TV dinners.

Normally, Virgin customers have to pay for the GoGo Wi-Fi, the wireless service on board, which can cost as much as $13 each way, depending on flight time. The vast majority of airlines offer Internet service on board,  but many charge. American Airlines, United Airlines and Delta Air Lines all use the same GoGo service as Virgin America, and charge the same premium for it.

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No sign-up is necessary to get the deal. Just book your flight and provide your e-mail address once you step on the plane. Then free Internet access is yours. For more information, check out the promotion's offical site.

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