Free Taco Alert - TheStreet

Taco Bell is issuing free tacos at its discretion. Eat them, also, at your own discretion.

As reported by Consumerist, nationwide taco purveyor Taco Bell is giving away free, printable coupons that can be redeemed for Fresco Tacos. Limited quantity of 1,000,000. The Fresco Taco is a part of the chain’s Drive-Thru-Diet campaign, which is pretty much what it sounds like: a diet built upon drive-thru items from Taco Bell. It sounds like the “Taco Town” SNL skit, but it’s actually a somewhat “real” diet.

The offer is valid until the first 1 million coupons are redeemed, or within seven days of when you print out the coupon. Also, Consumerist notes that “the rules say the manager's decision is final on whether or not to accept the coupon so if there's a mad free taco rush” you may get rejected. At between 150 to 180 calories, the Fresco Taco is unlikely to satiate you for very long, but it also probably won’t wreck any of your 2010 weight loss aims.

Please note that a subsequent emergency room visit or a Pepto Bismol bottle are not included with this offer, although wouldn’t that be hilarious? Maybe they should take a play from the Domino’s marketing handbook and just admit that their food kinda sucks, and that they will try harder moving forward.

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